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Start now, learn fast and become a professional PPC expert. Sumayyah's course on paid search marketing and pay-per-click covers the fundamentals, tricks and procedures any digital marketer out there should be aware of. 👩‍💻 PPC Advertising and Paid Search Marketing is a rising skill in today's world, with an increasing amount of jobs popping up across local and international businesses. 📊 It's the future of business advertising! In this course, become skilled to launch a career in the field of Paid Marketing or add PPC knowledge to your existing job positions as digital marketers and strategists. Sumayyah, your instructor, is highly qualified in the field of marketing and pay-per-click, having worked with several companies defining their paid marketing strategies and running campaigns. She's achieved all this while being an accomplished lecturer at the prestigious business institute, IBA Karachi, where she teaches Marketing. In other words, she's the Superwoman of Marketing. 🚀 So what are you waiting for? Expand your expertise with this full and insightful PPC course with Sumayya Khurshid Khan.

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Get introduced to paid search advertising and pay-per-click (PPC). Get down what pay-per-click is and how it works on search engines. Moreover, gain an in-depth understanding of the leading ad platform, Google ads, and what about it makes it so popular among advertisers nowadays.

  • Module 1 Lecture 1: Introduction to PPC 4min 41sec
  • Module 1 Lecture 2: Paid Search Advertising Explained 6min 49sec
  • Module 1 Lecture 3: Google Ads Accounts Structure 21min 55sec

Once you've covered the basics, you'll move on to learning how to select keywords and choosing an effective match type with respect to other selection factors. This is super important because ads depend on this. You will also learn what branded and negative keywords are, and how to avoid them. Your session will conclude with Sumayya giving her go-to, tried and tested method to conduct research for the perfect, effective keywords. You won't ever have to worry about using the wrong keywords again.

  • Module 2 Lecture 1: Learning to select keywords and choosing match types 20min 5sec
  • Module 2 Lecture 2: Understanding other selection factors 5min 53sec
  • Module 2 Lecture 3: Conducting research for the perfect keywords 11min 41sec
  • Module 2 Lecture 4: Understanding branded keywords 4min 30sec

Some advertisers make the mistake of not focusing on their ad copy. But ad copy is crucial to ad success and converting target audiences. Which is why in this section, Sumayya will make sure you know key elements of an ad copy, why good copy > bad copy and its importance. By the end of this module, you will know how to write ad copy that sets your ads apart from competing ads - the only difference, yours will be lit! 🔥

  • Module 3 Lecture 1: Understanding key elements of an ad copy 7min 36sec
  • Module 3 Lecture 2: Discussing other types of PPC ads in SERP 6min 42sec
  • Module 3 Lecture 3: Writing effective copy 7min 39sec
  • Module 3 Lecture 4: Testing Ad copy 6min 10sec

Gain a deeper understanding of the Ad Rank system. Learn what bids are and different methods to approach bidding. Lastly, it's very important to know how effective your campaigns were. So in this section you can expect Sumayyah's tips to effectively analyze keyword performance data to determine campaign success.

  • Module 4 Lecture 1: Learning the Ad Rank 9min 32sec
  • Module 4 Lecture 2: Understanding bidding methods 5min 53sec
  • Module 4 Lecture 3: Understanding keyword performance data 7min 38sec
  • Module 4 Lecture 4: Learning PPC maths 9min 35sec
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Sumayyah Khurshid Khan

PPC Expert | Marketing Lecturer @ IBA Karachi | Fulbright Scholar

Expert Digital Marketer


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It requires prior insight to marketing methods, so recommended for moderate learners. But with some reading and consistent exercise beginners can also easily grasp knowledge.

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15+ enrolled on this course